Formal Living Rooms, A Thing Of The Past – March, 2019

Whether we’re on a client visit or gathering with friends, the question always arises with what to do with the formal living area our homes are so blessed to be adorned with? What was once known as the Parlor, where guests would mainly be entertained in, has now become the “Mother-in-laws passed down furniture space”,  the “Too formal to be used space”, the “Off limits room” or maybe it’s a hodgepodge of “Anything goes, because we have no idea what to do with this space” kinda room.  Doesn’t matter how stuffed your kitchen gets with guests… overflow never ends up in the formal living room!

Let’s face it, we buy our homes as an upgrade from tiny condo’s and townhouses in hopes to expand our interior real estate to boast nothing short of MORE SPACE! But when we are left to fill those voids with purpose and a sense of style… we fall short.

Function of this room depends solely on your needs. I’ve had customers use it as a homework/library room (working on a library built-in now. Will be sure to post the updates here), but check out this curved copper bar we did for a customer who turned their formal space into a casual bar hangout.

Equipped with a stocked bar, flat screen TV and leather chairs to boot, this space definitely gets A LOT of attention now. And it makes sense right? I mean we’re used to putting the bar way off into the basement where again… nobody stays. The basement becomes a place where people grab and go, but then head back upstairs where the action is.  Do these pictures rack up ideas for your formal space? – Mare Impal

Custom Dining Table – January 2019

Loving this gorgeous farm style rustic table we just delivered. This solid beauty expands from 7′ – 9′ in length with it’s removable pull-out leaf.  The trestle design makes it roomy for a table full of people to sit comfortably around without hitting their knees on legs, and stays put when expanding the table.  Made of white oak with some distressing added to keep the integral look as if it were an heirloom that has been in the family for years. – Mare Impal

End Of Year Recap – December 2018

Back To School Organization – August 2018  

Are you best utilizing your mudroom or laundry room space? Back to school, means back to organization and the need for MORE STORAGE!  Let River Woodcraft use their expertise to best maximize your space big or small and find even the tiniest of nook and crannies to hide endless sports, music and hobby gear.

Here are just a few designs of the many we have done over the years.  How do you envision your space? Would you keep the storage open or closed? Sitting bench? Hooks or shoe racks? Contact us today to better maximize your space for tomorrow.

Custom Range Hoods:  We’ve Got You Covered – May 2018

Every time we design a new kitchen, one of my favorite encore’s to perform is how we’ll play out the main focal point, the design piece that screams custom, or shall we say, pièce de résistance that gives a new kitchen that extra special “umph”!

Custom kitchen range hoods alone are one of my favorite renditions I know will always add a dramatic flare, turning the average kitchen into one that jumps straight out from your favorite design magazine.

Here are just some of the many range hood styles we have composed in the past.  No matter your style, no matter your budget, whether we’re designing from reclaimed beams to decorative metal; whether your look is flashy or understated… we’ve got your cover song 🙂 – mare impal

Leathered Granite.  The New Countertop Trend? – April 2018

What used to be considered an expensive upgrade to your granite countertop selection, leathered granite is steadily becoming the new norm.  This rare upgrade would cost a customer anywhere from $1500-$2500 extra per slab or it was charged as an additional fee into the per foot cost.  Fortunately, by popular demand many slabs are now being imported to the yards already leathered.

What is the difference and what does leathered mean?  Leathered is a process that strips off the high gloss sheen, otherwise known as honed granite, then continues with a method using water and a fabricators custom templated sander, to create the beautiful wave of nooks and crannies we all love to see and feel.  The end result leaving a smooth, yet texturized stone that is not your everyday slab of granite.  

Mind you, this is not a process that will leave your counter filled with holes and divets to fill with dirt or crumbs… quite the opposite, this process leaves an enhanced change in aesthetics only, not function. Still keeping the same qualities we all know and love with granite, but portrays a unique, custom look that will wow your guests every time they touch it. – mare impal

Artisan Style Still Trending After All These Years – March 2018

Well into 2018 and it’s always exciting to see what the latest design trends boast for the year ahead. With few major changes in design style, Artisan home décor & furniture continues to pull reign in trending popularity.

 Artisan – Known for its genuine uniqueness and customization, is nothing short of fine art… usually one-of-a-kind or very few made.  Artisan is where an artist expresses their style through craftsmanship, quality and locally sourced materials making it truly live up to its WOW factor.  When artisan pieces are brought into design, it’s usually followed by “Where did you find this piece?!” 

Enter the age of  M o d e r n   O r g a n i c, where contrasts of light cool grays and white, couple nicely against rich, warm-wood tones and jeweled metallics.  Marry the two together with compliments of wispy live greenery and you have the beautiful union of… pure balance.  A personal fav of mine that is nothing shy of simplistic, organic and shall we say, a little bit of Zen?
What better way to incorporate the M o d e r n   O r g a n i c look into your style, then to treat your home to fine pieces of artisan décor.  Below are just some ways River Woodcraft has incorporated the Modern Organic style into our most recent designs. Hover over each picture to bring them to life! – mare impal

Pick A Trustworthy Kitchen Contractor – February 2018

Looking for a reliable kitchen contractor for your next renovation project? Overwhelming? No doubt. Scary? Hmmm, can be. Here are some tips to help you find the right fit:

  1. Referral. Referral. Referral. Need we say more? The best of the best come by word of mouth. Get referrals of their actual and MOST RECENT customers, and get more than one if possible. A contractor should have no problem rattling off the contact information of previous customers who can vouch for their expertise.
  2. Take the tour. Can you see up close and possibly tour a previous customer’s project (if local), so the quality of work is evident? Look, touch, open and close, and see how their project has stood the test of time.
  3. Interview. When talking to a previous customer, ask questions, like: “How was the timeliness of your project?”, “How were additional expenses and change orders handled, if any?”, “How was the communication between customer and contractor?”, “Was your contractor easy to get a hold of?”, “Was your budget taken into consideration?”, “Did you receive a project plan, or were you notified regularly of scheduling?”, “ Was the contractor and his team courteous and considerate of you and your home?”, “Did they keep a clean working environment?” Basically, the big question is, “How was your experience working with….?”
  4. Are they able to give you a temporary kitchen hook-up in the interim of your kitchen remodel? Although this is not always an easy task and most likely an extra expense, it can literally save you from being without a kitchen if you are living through an extensive remodel project. Think BBQ dinners, a sink hook-up in the laundry area, a dry bar for dishes and utensils — you get the idea.
  5. Picture it! Every good kitchen designer these days should have access to 3D design, or at least be an amazing artist, who can share with you a render or picture of your final kitchen design.

River Woodcraft is happy to provide our customers with an extensive list of happy customers who are proud to show off their projects. Call to speak with someone from our design team and schedule your free estimate today. – mare impal

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The Great Reface/Replace Debate- October 2017

We know you’ve been there. Sitting in your kitchen clutching warm morning coffee while your eyes heavily wonder around the room; noticing little nook and crannies… literally. Crumbs gathering between your counter and sink, dull & dated cabinets, the junk drawer that refuses to open all the way, or the dreaded deep, dark corner cabinet forcing your arm to wave in circles in hopes to “feel” for the right pot; and we mustn’t forget the “not so convenient” over the fridge cabinet, made for 6 foot Sally on a good day.  Let’s face it; The Great Reface/Replace Debate is a big undertaking.  River Woodcraft breaks it down for you here with 4 easy questions to help with your next tough kitchen debate.

 1.  How long are you planning to live in your home?

New Homeowner: If re-doing the kitchen “someday” was a deal-breaker when purchasing, then painting cabinets at this point is a very short-term investment that may have you end up spending more money in the long run as ultimately, another “face-lift” will be needed in the future.  If you have the funds, go for the full remodel and replace! Get your biggest bang for the buck. Open your kitchen up to entertaining with the most classic, good quality cabinetry you can find, so you don’t end up with trends leaving you dreading another redo in the near future.  If funds are not available, hold off, resist the urge to paint and save.  Design tricks of the trade? De-clutter, use complimentary color tones in your accessories to play off colors you inherited instead of fighting against it.

Middle of the Road (most common debate time): Staying at least another 8+ years? Your cabinets now reveal a history of wear from years prior including dog scratches, dents from kids’ toys, an old leak from under the sink or maybe your kitchen never functioned properly during entertaining. Replace! Painting means your kitchen will most likely be super outdated by time you sell and the non-investment of painting will be evident when trying to sell at a decent asking price.

Heck, I’m ready to sell!: Selling in under 5-8 years? Go ahead; you have our permission, paint! It’ll give your kitchen (and you) a good pick-me-up. Keep in mind, “just paint” may be a less expensive alternative, however, it is still very labor intensive and can be just as invasive.

2.  Are you happy with the overall layout of your kitchen? Does it appeal to open entertaining and work well with multiple chefs in the kitchen?

If not, consider replacing.

3. Do kitchen drawers and cabinets function? Solve your storage solutions?

If not, consider replacing.

4.  Is the inside of your cabinetry coming apart? Water damage under the sink? Particle board crumbling or lamination starting to peal?

If yes, consider replacing.

At River Woodcraft, we want to help you make an educated decision based off our years of professional experience and stand by the questions above when helping our customers with their debate. For more information and help on your “Great Debate”, contact us at: 267-247-5123 or email: – mare impal

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Does Custom Cabinetry Mean High-End Prices? – September 2017

So you’re shopping for the best kitchen cabinetry supplier in your area and suddenly Google bombards you with the words “custom kitchen”, but before you think to yourself custom cabinetry must come with a high price tag; your interest is suddenly peaked and you begin instantly clicking on a gallery of kitchen images, similar to those pinned to your favorite Pinterest board.

The definition of custom simply means “made specifically for”. To have a custom made kitchen by River Woodcraft, means special attention comes to designing a kitchen around your specific needs, your taste and the functionality of your home. Are you a master chef who can never find enough room to store the latest kitchen gadget? Maybe you or a family member require cabinetry designed to be handicapped accessible, yet you don’t want it to inhibit the aesthetics of your kitchen… we can help. Have one too many Pinterest kitchen styles pinned to your board that you can’t decide on your style? Or maybe you inherited the world’s tiniest kitchen and yearn for creative space-saving storage solutions. River Woodcraft is known for problem solving even the most challenging kitchens, by designing kitchen layouts and cabinetry outside the realm of standard dimensions.

Our idea of custom means we tailor our attention to detail. It’s never about achieving the most expensive look, but how we can design and achieve the best “bang for your buck”, while delivering your dream kitchen at the same time.

So the next time you think a custom kitchen must come with a high price tag, think again, and ask yourself, “What are my kitchen challenges?” and then remember River Woodcraft has your solution. – mare impal

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Farmhouse Envy – August 2017

Have you watched so many episodes of Fixer Upper that you’re seriously thinking of moving to Waco, TX in hopes of becoming BFFs with Chip and Joanna Gaines? Dreaming their friendship would only shower you with their latest and greatest tips in farmhouse design? We hear ya! Check out this authentic, 1800s-style farmhouse we did, complete with all the trimmings, such as Real Milk Paint, hand-forged hardware, reclaimed barnwood and restoration glass. And, these are only a few of the many traditional touches we put in this all-American, country kitchen. And, oh, you’re welcome. – mare impal

Contact River Woodcraft to fulfill your rustic-charm, farmhouse kitchen dreams today.

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Living On The Edge… Live Edge That Is – July 2017

Nothing is more unique or more natural than bringing a slice of nature into the design of your home. Slice, because that’s pretty much exactly what Live Edge is all about — a beautiful and majestic sliver of a tree. Although its natural curves lend a sleek and sexy look on their own, its generous warmth and originality warrant versatility when it comes to furniture, shelving or accent pieces in the home. To be considered natural Live Edge instead of a simple wood piece, special attention must be brought into keeping the integrity of the tree’s natural shape and texture through a refined process that can be done with nothing else but the use of crafted hands and an artisan eye. River Woodcraft proudly sources all our hardwoods locally, where careful attention is hand-picked for the right piece to fit the right project. – mare impal

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