Thank you for purchasing River Woodcraft, Naturally Unique Custom Cabinetry. River Woodcraft warrants all materials and workmanship in our cabinetry, to be free of defects to the original purchaser at the initial site of installation. River Woodcrafts’ obligation is on defective components and those other components integrally associated with it.


  • A lifetime warranty is provided for metal drawer glides and door hinges supplied by River Woodcraft, which are defective under normal use.
  • A limited lifetime warranty is provided on the material and workmanship in the construction of our cabinetry, cabinet doors and the finish on our doors and parts. Damage from normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper storage, handling, cleaning, yellowing, fading, patina, staining, excessive heat, water penetration, strong force or acts of God, are the responsibility of the purchaser. 
  • All goods must be inspected upon receipt, and is the receiver’s responsibility to note on the carrier’s sign-off sheet. Warranty claims for damaged goods must be made within 10 days of receipt of item and prior to installation.  If our product is found to be defective, the defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge, at the discretion of an authorized River Woodcraft representative. Warranty applies to the repair or replacement of the defective product supplied by River Woodcraft, and does not cover expenses incurred in the shipment, removal or installation of the product or auxiliary parts and materials such as, but not limited to, appliances, flooring, countertops, sinks, plumbing fixtures, etc.
  • This warranty becomes null and void if cabinets are altered in any way. Cabinets will not be covered under warranty if improperly installed, or modification of cabinets of any kind.
  • Natural woods will vary in color and characteristics. Warranty does not cover reasonable wood grain and color variations nor products purchased without a finish.  Color changes in wood due to sunlight, household cleaners, smoke and other environmental conditions may be apparent over time, as these changes are customary for wood. These color deviations are not eligible for warranty. Replacement or add on parts may not match the original cabinetry due to these changes, however, over time should match more closely to original cabinetry.
  • Wood will continue to expand and contract with seasonal changes therefore hairline cracks at door joints and movement of wood panels are characteristic of wood cabinetry and are not eligible for warranty. These will be most noticeable in our painted wood doors. There is no warranty coverage for warping, cracking or shrinking of doors resulting from inappropriate humidity levels (Relative Humidity of 40% – 50% should be maintained throughout the year).  A tolerance of 1/8” is acceptable in cabinet width. This allows for the different types of finished end material used in cabinet production.  Adequate filler space must be allowed for when installing cabinets.   A tolerance of 3/16” in door warping (corner to corner) will be considered to be acceptable and will not be grounds for replacement.
  • In the event of a workmanship defect, River Woodcraft will use the best decision to repair or replace any defective product or component if applicable.  If for some reason is not achievable to repair or replace such defective parts, we may refund the original price for the defective product only or provide a credit towards a similar type of product sold in the U.S.  By way of example, but not limited to the following costs and expenses are not covered by the Limited Warranty:  (1) labor costs for the original installation, removal or reinstallation of the defective or replaced product, (2) labor costs or material charges for removal, reinstallation, repainting, refinishing or replacement of any other items or building materials which must be removed, replaced, reinstalled or refinished in order to repair or replace the defective product.  For example, costs associated with the following will not be reimbursed: counters, sinks, tiles, flooring of any kind, accessories, trim, molding, appliances, plumbing or electrical fixtures.  In the event of warpage or joint separation in good climate condition, River Woodcraft may under our inspection defer action for up to 12 months to allow proper product acclimation in the installed environment.


  • A one year warranty is provided for cabinetry and all associated parts provided for commercial and rental use.
  • Replacement parts are subject to availability; therefore, River Woodcraft reserves the right to replace parts that may differ somewhat from the original parts contingent upon product availability. This includes door styles, finishes and other parts used in River Woodcraft products.
  • Our warranty does not cover service calls to adjust moving components such as doors and drawers of the cabinets which may require adjustments from time to time and are typically caused by movement of the home and with extended use. These adjustments are part of the typical home owner maintenance. Warranty coverage does not come into effect until all products and services are paid for in full.

River Woodcraft, Naturally Unique Custom Cabinetry is proudly made in the U.S.A.