Have a real backdrop for your next zoom meeting?

2021 design trends are consistently keeping with at-home work and school functions.  Gone are the days of virtual backdrops we acquired assuming at the time to be temporary.  Can it be only less than a year ago, we were scrambling to cover our children’s toys, home clutter and the occasional photo bomber with our first virtual meetings?

Enter, the real deal.  Let’s face it, aside from heading back to the office anytime soon, it’s clear 2021 and beyond continues to consume most of our duties at home; where  Staycation has cultivated a lifestyle based around the Home, ie:  Home-Office, Home-School, Home-Dining, Home-Shopping, etc…. need we say more?

River Woodcraft is embracing Home Life.  With the help of our on-staff design team, clients are taking a house inventory ensuring each room delivers on multi-function, storage and of course, personal style.

Here’s our top 6 Home Office Must Have’s:


1)  Let There Be Light:  Choose an area that captures enough light either near a window or overhead lighting to brighten your work area.  If you’re designing a space from scratch, think undermount lighting in shelves above.


2)  Hideaway Printer Storage:  Most of us consider the printer to be an obtrusive chunk of machine taking up a lot of desk real estate that collects dust until it’s time of use.  For that reason, consider a dedicated drawer like this one for such storage and accessibility.


3)  Bring in the Greenery:  Plants or fresh flowers brings in life.  Visually, plants are very grounding which helps with stressful work days, but as an added extra bonus, the oxygen your plant provides can help keep you more energized throughout your day.

4)  Take a House Inventory:  Maximizing a closet, mudroom, laundry room or hallway niche the right way is essential.  Once you find that nook of space, look up and spread your wings vertically.  If designed correctly, this little space can make a beautiful design impact.


5)  Simplify:  When it comes down to it, the more you accumulate here, the more cleaning and hiding has to be done especially in a shared space.  A minimalist look never hurt anybody.  Keep your colors cohesive, invest in good storage that doubles as a furniture piece and showcase items easy on the eye. 


6)  Dedicated Multi-Functional Space  Whatever space you find, make sure it easily functions for work by day, but can aesthetically handle company by night.

No matter what your needs are, River Woodcraft is sure to design around your space, your style and your family functions, so that you won’t mind staying Home.